Creativity workshops

In this creativity Seminar, you will discover the art, artists and different types of Art expressions too. There are put different techniques in practice, e.g. dry techniques such as charcoal, graphite, or pastels along with the more complex ones, e.g. watercolor (aquarelle), ink, acrylic, and oil painting. The frequency is once in the week.

Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00 am and by agreement.

3500 Kc. per person / 10 lessons - Includes some materials.


Workshops for drawing on the right side of the brain

This course is recommended for adults who want to develop the full capability of the brain. usually, we use the left side of the brain which organizes, counts and makes all rational functions. The right side of the brain is responsible for creativity, everything irrational, it is the holistic hemisphere which is intuitive, thinks in images, symbols, senses, and emotions. It has the imaginative, fantastic, spatial and perception capacity. Through the image, we can help our brain to develop its whole capacity.

Wednesday 19.9.2018 from 18:00 / 90 minutes

3500 Kc. per person / 10 lessons.

Includes materials


Advanced painting techniques workshop

This workshop aims to learn professional painting techniques such as Marbling, Patinated and Aged on canvas and wood, basic Venetian stucco, Gold leaf. In each class the history of the technique will be explained, its use and it will be applied on suitable surfaces. It is aimed for people with knowledge of painting.

Monday 17.9.2018 Time: 17:30 - 19:30

Cost 3900 Kc for 10 lessons - includes materials


Visits of Latin art gallery

We offer a guided tour of our expositions and permanent collection. The guided visit to our gallery will take one. Along with the guided tour, there is also offered one hour of practical work with the young or children who visit us.

Visits take place by appointment.

Groups of 15 people. - 150 Kč per person. - Includes material.


Drawing lessons in Russian

The course is developed for children from 6 to 12 years. The main goal of the course is showing the basic principles of drawing and teaching how to create an image on a paper using pencils and watercolors. The course consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson includes the theoretical part, exercises and the consolidation of knowledge in practice. As a result of the course, a child will learn how to draw objects from nature, and will also receive all the necessary knowledge to create realistic images.

Tuesday 9.10.2018 from 15:00 to 17:00

Price 3500 CZK per person for 10 lessons (materials included)

Teacher: Elena Petunina

Tel.: +420 777 407 819

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Exhibition Daydreaming , 09.11. - 03.12.2018
From the 9.11.2018 to the 3.12.2018 Jitka Dankova and Veronika Sulánska.
Exhibition ABSTRAKCE - František Kupka , 01.01.1970
The exhibition ABSTRAKCE from František Kupka is open from 10.10.2018 to 6.11.2018 from 10:00 to 18:00. Looking forward to seeing you.
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