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Course Linoryt
Monday 4.12 - 11.12 at 18:00 h.
Cost 300 CZK per lesson including material.
lecturer: Marta Červáková
We invite you to the linocut course, which will take place in the Creative Latin Art Gallery on Monday 30.10.
Linoryt belongs to graphic printing techniques from a height that replace woodcut and woodcut.
An inexpensive, flexible, and homogeneous material, when printed with softer edges, makes it possible to produce large formats, such as a poster.

Fine Arts and Creativity

Creativity and fine art workshops

This creativity seminar is focused on different types of art expressions through the study of Latin-American and European artists´ works from a didactical point of view. Different techniques will be learned: charcoal, graphite, pastels, watercolor, ink, acrylic and oil painting. At the end of the course these artworks will be exhibited in the Latin Gallery.

Required materials: special paper, canvas.

Length: 10 meetings of 90 min. Schedule: Every Monday at 18:00

Price: 3000 Kč - single lesson: 300 Kč

Drawing with the right side of the brain

This course is recommended for adults who want to develop all their brain potential. Usually, we use the left side of the brain which organizes, counts and makes all rational functions. In contrast, the right side is responsible for creativity, irrational and intuitive aspects of behavior, thinking mostly in images, symbols, senses and emotions. Through the image we will help our brain to develop its whole capacity. We could teach it in your School, ask for the prices.

Length: 10 meetings of 90 min. Price: 3 500 Kč – single lesson 350 Kč


Visits to the Latin art gallery

We offer a guided tour of our temporal expositions and permanent collection for schools and private groups. The visit takes approximately one hour and includes a full didactic explanation of the exhibited works and current art tendencies. The visit is followed by an hour of practical work that includes all work materials.

Visits take place on Monday from 9pm. with appointments being necessary in advance. Bookings can be made at the reception of the Latin Art Gallery in Jungmannová 3, Praha 1, or by email:

Guided tour in Spanish, English or Czech / For students and adults

Capacity: 10-18 students
Price per visit: 100 kč per student


For more information please contact us:

M: +420734332420


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Exhibition - Artist residence , 17.04. - 31.12.2017
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Luis Felipe Cifuentes , 09.11. - 30.11.2017
Výstava Božský, lidský a Zvířeci od 9.11.2017 - 30.11.2017
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