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Latin Art Gallery is a window to International culture in the Czech Republic. The aims of Latin Art Gallery are organize exhibitions of painting, sculptures, photographs, prints, video art, new media, performance and more, is a place where the artist from Latin America, the Caribbean Islands and abroad, can show their Art Works. The aim of Latin Art Gallery is to create a cultural dialogue and contribute to the interaction between vision and understanding of International art and the Czech Republic, to thereby start a real interest in the collection of these artistic expressions.

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Exhibition - Artist residence , 17.04. - 31.12.2017
In order to fulfill the objectives of our spaces we want to give the opportunity to the emerging artists to hold an Individual Exhibition together with the possibility of create an artistic production...
Výstava Alfadialecto del Tiempo , 13.12. - 07.01.2018
From 13.12.2017 to 7.1.2018
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